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A (very) quick history

The story...


For years the candy maker - Agnieszka Jones, a.k.a. Agnes - was whipping up big sheets of caramels in her house.  She cut them by hand, wrapped them herself and gave them as gifts to friends and neighbors.  Those same friends and neighbors were persistently urging her to start a candy business. 


The beginning

In 2005, with her two kids finally in elementary school she took the plunge and started AvenueSweets.  Originally, it started with just two caramel flavors (vanilla and chocolate) and her amazing almond nougat.  Within the first year, the nougat found it's way into Martha Stewart Living magazine and her caramels into the gift bags at the International Emmy Awards. 


Today, AvenueSweets is a massive multi-national corporation.  No, just kidding.  It's a family business operated by Agnes, her husband Bruce, and a magnificent group of confectionery connoisseurs who craft and package our delicious, all natural treats just for you.



Oh, and about those caramels

Truly made the 'old fashioned way' - slow cooked in copper kettles with fresh, premium local ingredients, our 100% natural caramels might be the best you will ever taste. We have long since lost track of the people that have told us so. Now with 16 amazing varieties including three dairy free vegan caramel options.

100% Natural

We are committed to making delicious, all natural products.   Take a look at our ingredients.  Simple, short and things you've heard of.  


Dairy free vegan treats

Yes, healthy eating can extend to the treats and snacks you enjoy.  Whether you live a vegan lifestyle or simply have dairy allergies that prevent you from many products, our caramels, brittle and sauce are of exceptional quality and taste.   We use our same delicious recipes but substitute coconut milk for cream and coconut oil for butter.  The result?  A must for your pantry!  Read more here.

Brittle, Caramel Sauce and Almond Nougat

Hand crafted with love and attention.  Read all about them here - Brittle, Caramel Sauce and Nougat.

The crew


Agnes / Chief candy maker

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