Ingredients and nutritional information

100% natural.  100% delicious.


Slow cooked in copper kettles with fresh, premium local ingredients, they might be the best caramels you will ever taste. We have long since lost track of the people that have told us so. Now with 16 amazing varieties including three dairy free caramel options. 



Slow cooked in copper kettles with fresh, premium local ingredients - we start with fresh

sweet cream butter, pure cane sugar and loads of top quality roasted nuts.  Our brittle is then slow cooked to perfection.  Classic treats elevated to a new level.


Almond Nougat

Crafting our nougat is a precision process that requires just the right ingredients, temperature and time. With tastes rooted both in Europe and America, AvenueSweets has merged the Old and New World to create our Almond Nougat. The mixture of fresh, whole California almonds and our nougat creates a soft, chewy nougat that has a subtle, sweet taste that is absolutely irresistible.

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Dairy Free vegan


Many of our most popular caramels, brittle and sauce are available in Dairy Free vegan varieties.  These amazing products use organic vegan cane sugar.  We replace cream and butter with coconut milk and coconut oil.  100% natural.  100% Dairy Free.  100% vegan.  100% delicious!