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Early on we figured this out:  As it turns out, you can make a lot of caramels.  Sometimes, you can sell a lot of caramels.  What's really difficult is WRAPPING a lot of caramels.  Enter "Big Red".   Built in 1955 in Leeds, England this guy just goes and goes...

Wrapping Caramels

Wrapping Caramels

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Long ago, we had a small group of "hand wrappers" - people wrapping the caramels by hand.  "Big Red" relieved them of that burden.  But don't worry.  This isn't a story of "machine kills jobs".  We merely saved them from carpal tunnel syndrome and they are happily contributing in much more important ways.

Shameless plug: want us to make your caramels?  Got a great recipe and want to focus on selling and marketing your product instead of making it?  Maybe we can help.   Feel free to contact us.

Caramels hand crafted in copper kettles: