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One Gallon Jar - 4 lbs. (approx. 150 caramels)

A one gallon jar filled with our amazingly delicious 100% natural caramels.  Is it a glass or plastic jar?  And the answer is: plastic - a very sturdy, transparent plastic.  It's a nice jar (with lid) that can be used for many, many purposes.  Well, in addition to storing delicious caramels that is. 


Select up to five caramel varieties.  If you would like the same variety, simply make selections 1 through 5 the same.



  • 4 lbs. = approximately 150 caramels.
  • Want our dairy free vegan caramels? You can select them near the end/bottom of the ("select variety") drop down menus.

One Gallon Jar - 4 lbs. (approx. 150 caramels)

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