5.2oz. Caramel Boxes: case size = 12 (approx. 12 caramels/box)

We’re serious about our artisan caramel. Our small batch, hand crafted caramels are slow cooked in copper kettles. Made with all natural ingredients and gluten free.  Our very cute 5.2 oz caramel bags.  Or are they boxes?  Well, both actually.  These nifty litte packages are gift ready and ready to eat.  Available in 13 colorful - and tasty - options!  


Our Dairy Free caramels replaces butter with coconut milk and cream with coconut oil.   100% natural.  100% delicious.


  • PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING (except to Canada).
  • PRICE PER BOX: $3.94 
  • SRP: $6.95 - $7.95
  • SHELF LIFE: 4-5 months