If you bought 12 of these impressive little gifts individually they would be $90.  Buy a dozen for $80 and save $10. 


Grab a bunch!  These little guys are excellent for the Holidays, as a "thank you", prospecting for clients, the host or hostess, teachers, the neighbors or whatever other occasion happens upon you. 


As some of our most popular gift items, we've added more color and ribbon options.  


Now available in red, silver, gold, black and craft.  Find the perfect box for you!



  • 5oz = approximately 12 caramels
  • Select up to four varieties.  Each variety selection = 3 boxes.  
  • Want our dairy free vegan caramels? You can select them near the end/bottom of the ("select variety") drop down menus.
  • Want almond nougat?  Almond nougat is the last option on the ("select variety") drop down menus.  

5oz. Gift Box Special: Buy 12 and save $10 (approx. 12 caramels/box)

Select variety 1: (Selection = 3 boxes)
Select variety 2: (Selection = 3 boxes)
Select variety 3: (Selection = 3 boxes)
Select variety 4: (Selection = 3 boxes)
Box color:
OPTIONAL / Gift Card

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