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VARIETIES: Beer Brittle
Beer Brittle
Our artisan, small batch beer brittle is hand crafted with a locally brewed organic dark lager. Slow cooked and loaded with peanuts, this robust, smooth full-flavored beer adds a deep, roasted color and outstanding flavor. Sweet, buttery and salty - you just might feel the impulse to grab a mug of your favorite beer. Buy now!
VARIETIES: Blazing Brittle
Blazing Brittle
We take our slow cooked, hand crafted peanut brittle and coat it with a seven chili pepper blend to give this mouth watering brittle heaps of outstanding flavor and plenty of heat. Buy now!
VARIETIES: Cashew Brittle
Cashew Brittle
Our delicious brittle recipe - sweet cream butter, pure cane sugar and lots of fresh, roasted cashews. We then dust it with a coating of sea salt. Absolutely irresistible. Buy now!
VARIETIES: Peanut Brittle
Peanut Brittle
Our artisan, small batch peanut brittle is hand crafted and slow cooked. This classic treat is elevated to a new level with plenty of fresh, sweet cream butter, pure sugar and loads of top quality roasted peanuts. A dusting of sea salt completes this mouth watering peanut brittle. Rich, buttery, nutty with a touch of sea salt. You will crave more from the first bite. Buy now!
VARIETIES: Pecan Brittle
Pecan Brittle
Our small batch pecan brittle is hand crafted and slow cooked to perfection. The only tree nut native to North America, we start with heaps of fresh pecans and add plenty of top quality sweet cream butter and pure sugar. The result of this slow roasted brittle is a sweet, buttery and crunchy treat that is bursting with a rich, nutty flavor. Buy now!